Below is my orthographic projection diagram of the sun over my proposed site. The site is located behind Campbell Hall by the sports turf. I chose this sight because half of it has substantial tree coverage and the other half is relatively open to sun penetration.


1. On March 21st my sun diagram shows that the site would receive 12 hours of sunlight.

2. On December 21st, the sun would first strike my site at 9:30am and on June 21st, the sun would first strike my site at 10:30am.

3. June 21st would have the most sunlight on my site. Also, when considering sun penetration, it is important to remember that the sun is at its most intense during the afternoon hours. My sun diagram shows that there would be primary sun exposure during those hours on intense sunlight on June 21st, making it the sunniest day on my site.

4. On August 15th at 3:00pm the altitude of the sun would be at 45 degrees and the azimuth would be at 250 degrees. The sun would strike my site at this time.

5. Creating a porch that would be warm in the winter and cool in the summer would be very challenging on my site because the tree coverage is divided into two sides and not sparse around the site.  The best way to construct a porch would have it be covered and facing south where the most sun penetration is. That way is would be shaded in the summer yet still warm in the winter from the direct sunlight.

6. Notable features on my site include the heavy tree coverage to the north and the lack of tree coverage in the south. Ideally, trees would be spread out along the sight so that there would still be sun penetration without it being overwhelmingly hot in the summer time. Other notable features include the two buildings, one to the southeast and one to the southwest. The building to the southeast would block out the early morning winter sun so it would be better if the windows on my building would be facing south so that they could collect the natural sunlight. Also its important to note that the trees are going to be bare in the winter, so at this point its hard to tell where the sun will penetrate in the winter, but the site might get more site then the diagram shows while still in the summer months.