For Assignment Two, I tracked my activity for four hours through a typical day during the summer of 2014. I recorded the times that I consumed any kind of energy that provided energy for any type of activity that I participated in. During a typical day I worked out, went to work, and then took a class. Below you will find an hourly breakdown of my activity. In this diagram I focused on the natural and most important energy consumptions at the human scale.

Forms of energy consumption: food, drink, oxygen, sunlight, electricity, and natural gas.

Providing: heat/cooling, light, transportation, physical energy, and food preparation.



  • 8:00am: Half way through a workout spin class
    • Consuming water to provide body cooling
    • Absorbing cold air to provide body cooling
    • Spin bike powered by electricity
    • Walking out of the cycling room: consuming cool air to provide body cooling
    • Expelling heat in the form of sweat
  • 8:30am: Walk home from the gym
    • Consuming heat from the sun to counteract the over cooling effect from cold air on wet skin (direct solar)
  • 9:00am: Walking to work
    • Consuming heat from the sun (direct solar)
    • Using computers powered by electricity
    • Consuming coffee
    • Cooled by air conditioning powered by electricity
    • Consuming direct sunlight
  • 10:00am
    • Using computers powered by electricity
    • Cooled by air conditioning powered by electricity
    • Consuming direct sunlight
  • 11:00am
    •  Consuming food/water (eating breakfast) to provide energy for an afternoon at work, walking, thinking, typing, and any other work related responsibilities
    • Running errands: expelling sweat to maintain a comfortable body temperature
    • Consuming direct sunlight
    • Using transportation

Assingment2 diagram_final

3 ways you could have the largest impact in changing the larger impact of your web, at the scale of the individual, the habitable space, and the global infrastructure network.

As a single individual, I would not have a very large impact on the impact of my larger web, but a way to cut out a whole branch would be to stop consuming meat and foods made with any chemicals. This would shrink my larger web about a quarter and eliminate all the (red labeled) chemical disturbances that change the final for of the food and beverages.

At the scale of the habitable space, the largest impact that my actions would have on the larger web would be if I were to be more conscious about the times when I’m using non-renewable resources. Sometimes it’s easy to be careless about leaving the air conditioning or the lights on all day, which is using up non-renewable energy. If everyone made a conscious effort to turn off all the lights and use the air conditioning of heating units more sparingly, the impact would be huge, but it starts at the scale of the habitable space.

At the scale of the global infrastructure network, my web would have a large impact on the larger web if I were to use only renewable sources to power all electrical applications. It is in the home or the office where I use the most energy that comes from non-renewable natural resources, so if both my home and office were powered by solar power or another form of renewable energy, I would have an opportunity to change my impact on the larger web.