Fine Arts Café, located in Campbell Hall is a great place for contemplation, but also offers many other services. As attached to an academic building it serves a very unique purpose as a “scholarly café”, meaning that the majority of the time you will find people in there studying, meeting with piers or teachers, or taking a break from their studies. This space is also very interesting in that it provides an indoor and outdoor eating or study space. When you walk in, there is an open straight away lined with food to the ordering counter. Along one side of this is a countertop with stools. This counter top is elevated from the bottom seating section and both look out the large windows. Within the lower seating portion, there are a few open tables and then two dividing walls on either end that provide privacy for two tables on either side. The flow through the space seems to be fairly natural since you are guided through the options and up to the counter, and then down through the seating and possibly out to the outdoor seating area. Since it was built for the architecture building, there is no doubt that there was a lot of thought put into the design of the space. However, as someone who dines there frequently, I have been able to observe the space. Although the counter top looks out onto the windows, that space is not used as much as people probably expected that it would. This is due to the fact that counter seating is mostly meant for single seating and it seems that people do not want to eat alone right where everyone enters into the space. I have found that people who are there to eat or study alone would rather situate themselves in a place with a little more privacy, such as the lower seating or the outdoor seating. I found that the most coveted spaces are the tables behind the nooks on either side of the lower seating area. On one side there is a large table that is almost always taken up by only one or two people. Although I can see the intent on giving a possible meeting table some privacy, it doesn’t seem like there would be large meeting groups there. This is because also the small wall does offer some privacy, it does not offer any sound proofing and unless its going to be a quiet meeting, it doesn’t seem like you would want to hold it there, possibly disrupting everyone else trying to eat there. Also Fine Arts Café is also playing music, so sometimes it doesn’t make much sense to have a meeting there, unless you’re having it outside.

As for the overall feel of the space, it is exemplary. The large windows facing the outdoors provide great natural lighting and since they also offer access to the outside, there is great airflow through the space. The space also offers very high ceilings, which contributes to the freshness and brightness of the space. Because of these factors Fine Arts Café has a very friendly and bright feel, which guides the users around the space seamlessly.