During Systems, Sites, and Building the thing that we talked about that I’ve learned the most from was probably passive solar design strategies. As a fourth year, it’s a shame that I wasn’t able to take this class earlier because I have already tried to incorporate some of the solar design concepts into my work in studio. I thought that the contemplation space exercise was great and a good combination of using the passive solar design strategies and using strategic site orientation and things like that. I think that overall, one of the best theme of the course was learning about the psychrometric chart in terms of human comfort. I didn’t realize that the levels and toleration of human comfort is really based on where you live and the temperature variations that you are used too. This combined with the idea of using solar design strategies in a building to maintain a comfortable temperature is something that architecture students don’t necessarily think about when designing a building for studio class. In a studio curriculum that is so focused on the visual outcome of the building, it is always just a plus if you have some environmental considerations incorporated in your building scheme. I think that there should be some carry through of the themes that we cover in this class into the studio curriculum and maybe each person has to meet a minimum of requirements to make sure the building they design is somewhat sustainable or even just conscious of the environment around them. The Bay Game I thought was another important exercise and although I didn’t really understand all the roles to begin with, as the game went on I began to understand how each move affected everyone else. Although I admit the fishing part is still kind of lost on me I liked how the land regulators at the end were getting together to strategize and make moves so that they could change the outcome of the actions of everyone else. Overall, I thought that the passive design strategies will be what I take away from this course the most and the fact that they were really hammered into my head through a few different assignments and exercises.